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[:en]Our Xtrategist team members are coffee addicts. A jump-kick to start the morning is by picking a good flavored coffee to wake us up. We truly believe that our morning cup of coffee may be doing a lot more than just waking us up and boosting our energy. Although there are different controversial topics around the effects of coffee on our health, we focus on recent positive studies and the great effects that coffee has on us and tax benefits for our businesses. Our very own CEO, Sal Alvarado has been drinking coffee since the age of five and continues drinking coffee three to five cups on a daily basis. The following are 7 great reasons why business owners, construction workers, lawyers, marketing professionals and technology gurus like to drink coffee:

1. Coffee is a great tax deduction

While you are spending a few dollars a day on a coffee maker and coffee, they could be great investment by generating tax deductions. Buy a coffee maker and stack up your kitchen with good coffee flavors, they can be tax deducted under office expenses. They will keep a lot of employees happy and more likely improve communication with employees. Usually employees engage in small conversations with coworkers, while preparing their cup of coffee. Employee’s can enjoy a good cup of coffee, while you enjoy a good tax deduction.

2. Caffeine gives your short term memory a boost

It is not a secret most of us have had plenty of coffee during our college years. We practically over dosed on coffee the night before the exam in order to stay awake and make sure we memorized terminology or formulas. Test results proved that caffeine helped us stay focused.

3. Coffee makes brighter brains

Since coffee drinkers have higher energy levels, their brains function at significantly higher levels. Caffeine improves reaction time, memory, and other general brain functions. Studies have also shown that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

4. Coffee minimizes health risks

Coffee drinkers tend to have a lower risk to develop type 2 diabetes. They are also at less risk to develop cancers.

5. Coffee may be used to attack depression

Even though they have not been 100% proven, studies have shown that there is a lower rate in depression for coffee drinkers to those who do not consume it. Since caffeine boosts the energy in your body, it suppresses the depression mood; therefore those who do not drink coffee are less likely or minimize the risk of depression.

6. Coffee drinkers are fun and interesting

According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, “those who drink coffee are more exciting to work with and add more fun to the workplace. They tend to be team players and love to engage others in a discussion or activity.”

7. Coffee drinkers are high achievers

Individuals who drink coffee tend to start their day as early as five in the morning. Usually their day starts with a cup of coffee with a list of tasks to do for the day; rather than starting a day by slowly and dragging throughout the day. The coffee drinker gets out of bed, gets in the shower and starts his/her day as soon as possible and are always ready to meet their goals for the day.

Coffee is a great stimulant and offers great benefits for the office environment. Ensure that the office kitchen is supplied with yours’ and your employees’ favorite coffee flavors to maintain a great work atmosphere. The profitable part of buying plenty of coffee for you and your employees is that you can also enjoy the tax benefits that come along with it.

“Enjoy a richer life with a taste of coffee every morning.” Sal Alvarado[:]

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