Xtrategist mission is to educate and empower the growing construction, technology, and professional service companies in Atlanta through simplified accounting, tax and consulting solutions.

Xtrategist is a Certified Public Accounting firm offering accounting services for construction, technology and professional service companies. Xtrategist is based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are made up of CPAs who have the accounting skills and knowledge to serve clients in the construction, technology and professional services industries. Xtrategist’s management strongly believes that accounting should provide our clients with proper insights they need to make well sound decisions for their business. We founded our firm because we recognized the need for this type of big-business accounting approach among growing industries with complex accounting transactions in the Atlanta area. Xtrategist focuses on serving and understanding the struggles and the hurtles that growing companies in construction, technology and professional services face in the accounting aspect of their operations.

Xtrategist’s professionals do not take any project lightly, as we provide services as if they were provided to us. Xtrategist understands the challenges of job estimation, project management, software development, technology support and customer service, but most importantly, we understand the impact of the financial transactions from each of those functions in our client’s profit and loss reports and in their yearly tax filings.

Xtrategist leaves behind the traditional Certified Public Accounting approach and introduces proactive, outgoing and rewarding accounting methods to generate value added services to our clients. Through our consistent communication channels and client meetings, we elaborate to obtain a clear understanding of our clients’ operations and goals to align them with our accounting solutions. Xtrategist is part of each of client’s team and often times we work from their offices. Our clients benefit from accounting services enjoyed by the large corporations that our founders are well versed in supporting. While we could work with any business, our passion is to empower construction, technology, and professional service companies through our accounting solutions. Every client is different, therefore our accounting solutions are tailored to each of our clients’ needs.

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