Construction Accounting

Welcome to Xtrategist Financial, LLC, an accounting firm offering high quality accounting services to construction companies in Atlanta Georgia. The firm focuses on providing accounting solutions to small and mid size construction companies, such as: general contractors, specialty contractors, equipment contractors, builders, and developers. Getting the job done is one thing, but getting it done to meet the clients’ specs is another.

When was the last time that your CPA got a deep understanding of your company’s systems and operations and provided you with valuable advise?

Accountants Who Understand

Xtrategist understands how hard it is to manage each of your jobs and projects. We understand that business owners and managers have an obligation to speak with clients, try to get bonding, manage your subcontractors, and pay your vendors all to keep your business running, but most importantly, we understand the impact that each little part of your company’s operations has on your accounting/financials and yearly taxes. Xtrategist takes the same approach on each new project that construction companies do. We know that your financials are a true reflection on the health of your business, therefore we spend a significant amount of time in educating our clients about different accounting transaction and how the financials are used by internal and external users for decision making.

Not only in paper or written in our web do we express the passion for our work, but also our client’s job site. The more complex the accounting project, the higher the desire to work with those companies. We are CPAs that understand construction accounting and we enjoy every part of understanding our clients’ business.

Let us know what your issues are and we can align them with our accounting solutions.

Construction Accounting Services

  • GAAP Compliant Accounting

  • Reviews and Compilations

  • Job Costing and Revenue Recognition

  • Completed method and percentage of completion

  • Contract Review

  • Accounting Management, Accounting Support and Accounting Training

  • Business Consulting & Due Diligence

  • Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Support

  • System Implementation Consulting

  • Tax Planning & Filing

  • Due Diligence

  • List Item

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